Jogging Haiku 10: Moved

New start location
An old friend revisited,

(6km at a good pace)

I moved last Friday. I could find my shoes, but not my cap, which wasn't really necessary. I took a course I ran extensively in 2007 when I trained for the Sasayama Marathon (DNF) to prepare for the inaugural Oxfam Trailwalker Japan (about 25hrs 40min, 3rd mixed team, 17th overall). It was fun to run it again and find that nothing much had changed: saw a bird flying away with a wiggly light green worm; a dragonfly followed my a little; and a sizable fish kept jumping out of the water for some lengthy leaps. Overall it was a good jog.

Along the way, I saw a number of other joggers, even on an early Sunday morning. As they scurried in various directions, it gave me ideas for other courses to use. But that won't stop me from going back to the trails I've been using recently, even if - or because -  it will add 2k or so. The Kyoto Sanjurokumine Mountain Race is 5 months away, and I really want to break the 4:30 mark this year. How competitive of me!

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