I recently heard and read that short and intense exercise may be better to burn fat than stamina workout. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising considering that's what body builders have been doing for years. With that in mind - and a beer gut around my waist - on my jog back from work, I did intervals, speeding for approximately 30 seconds and then jogging more slowly for 50. It was not as hard as I thought, although I think I could have pushed harder on the sprints. The total run was about 6km, and it wasn't even a little difficult to finish.

By the way, I'm really digging my Five Fingers. They're basically the only shoes I wear these days. I was tempted to wear them at my son's day care center entrance ceremony (welcome to Japan, the land of the omnipresent protocol), but family peace is more important. I even wear them at work, and although it raises a few eyebrows, it seems to be easily excused since I'm a 'strange' gaijin anyways. I do wish the Bormio model will eventually be introduced to the Japanese market. In the mean time, my Komodo Sports get (usually) good attention everywhere, whether it's at a photo shoot at a skate rink or during a hanami (cherry blossom viewing party, another good excuse to enjoy beer in Japan, the land of the rising suds). Now if only their Japanese representatives would get back to me about a demo for my capoeira group...

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