Jogging Haiku 53: Royal With Cheese

Not always healthy
The destination looked good,
Gigantic burger.

(9.3km at an regular pace)

After some morning work, and with the family busy with other things, I decided to run a part of the distance back. My destination was Awajishima Burger joint near Nishinomiya station. The place was recommended by an acquaintance, and although very delicious, I don't know if it qualifies as the best burger in Japan; Any's Burger near Tanimachi 6-chome is pretty darn good, too!

The most unhealthy parts of the meal were probably the side dishes I ordered, the great onion rings and fine Longboard Lager, as the burger was filled with delicious veggies. Well, OK, the homemade bacon and cheese probably added some calories as well, but who cares. I don't run just to be healthy, although it is part of the equation: I run because I like it. I would have had that burger anyways.

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