Bad, Then Good

Last Thursday was one of the lowest point in my jogging endeavors. I try once a week to jog home from work, a distance of 12-15 km depending on the route I take. And for the first time ever, I could not finish last week. I did walk the rest of the way, but my legs just wouldn't jog. There was total refusal on my body to go on jogging. It was quite frustrating as I felt sort of OK, my legs didn't hurt or anything, they just wouldn't jog. I'm at a loss to explain it. I think it could be due to the fact the during the day, I was drinking lightly apple-vinegared water. But three months away from the Sanjurokumine mountain race, it wasn't something I expected.

So it was apprehensively that I made my way to the KFMH3 run yesterday. The weather was pretty hot, I knew the course wouldn't be short, since returnee Wanda was the hare. We had two visitors from the Tokyo area, In Your Dreams and Where's the Beef. They were visiting Kyoto and came for our run. It's always fun to have visitors from other kennels come to our outings. And as expected, the course wasn't so short, but I did manage to jog the whole course, often going longer at different check points. The moon check was in a park, which luckily had a water fountain, although the water was pretty tepid.

But as previously mentioned, the biggest satisfaction was being able to finish the course jogging. Hopefully last Thursday was just a fluke, and I look forward to jogging home again, something I'm considering doing tonight.

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