Today is a Hashing Day

We had a great r*n with the KFMH3 today. I say r*n because early one, I decided that it would be a good occasion to do some speed training for the Kyoto Mountain race. And since we were in the countryside, it made my efforts all that much easier. Field after field, traditional home after traditional home, riverside after riverside, my train fare investment were much more than compensated.

Running faster than usual, even with little training recently, felt great. Hopefully I can keep it up and break my not so great personal time. But I'm getting ahead of me, it is much too early to even think about that. I leave you with some shots snapped along the course.

Rice drying after harvest.

I liked the wood here.
Me an my main man, Doreamon!
Who lives here, seriously!
Having fun at the Moon Check.
At the KFMH3, we don't just run for the beer at the end...
As kids, my brother and I dreamed of a house were everything we'd want was only a push of a button away; Japan is on the right track.
Our host's home will basically be torn down and rebuilt next year; I hope they keep these great sliding doors.

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  1. Look at those steaks! I'd run all the way to the seaway to get some of those (lucky for me its a block away)