Time to Switch into High Gear

Last Monday I jogged again from work, and while a back ago the distance was a little long for me, now it is quite easy to complete. I guess this means that it is time for me to run longer, at a stronger pace and to venture onto trails. And lucky for me, next weekend is the NH3 Nash Hash, where I can run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I may not run so much on Sunday as I will lay the course in the morning, but depending on my feeling, I might go on the 'ballbreaker' trail which is about 15km with two big down-and-ups.

This increased stamina certainly helped last night when I went to the Manu Chao concert at club Quattro, Osaka. I was right at front, jumping, screaming, sweating, moshing like everyone around me. Truly one of the best shows I've been to! I shot a few shots during the concert, you can see them here.

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