Jogging Haiku 34: Flat Tire

A walk to the shop
For some bicycle repairs,
Half moon guiding me.

(6km, easy-medium pace, with some capoeira)

When I went out Tuesday morning to pick some pictures at Costco, I noticed that my front-wheel tire had a flat. After dinner, I walked about 3km to the bicycle store and then decided to run back home. I took a longer route, jogging along the Kanzaki river. That part of the trail was pretty dark, but the moonlight help me navigate the trail amidst tall grass.

Unlike some other riverside, there are only 1 or 2 homeless people living there, and most importantly for my safety, they don't keep dogs, so I felt completely safe there. In Japan, most homeless were regular people who lost their jobs (they thought they had them for life) and then couldn't face the public humiliation of not working and continued living the 'high' life until the loans grew insurmountable; many of them are now hiding from organized crime to whom they borrowed the money. I think they certainly are the hardest working homeless people in the industrialized world, rarely begging, most of them going around town to gather scrap metal and cardboard to sell to recyclers.

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