Jogging Haiku 35: Forgot

Completely forgot
To think about a haiku
Next time I promise.

(16km in two legs, pun intended)

I jogged from my home to the KFMH3 run in Suita, a distance of about 10km. I mostly followed the Kanzaki river, making the trail pretty trafficless, something I always appreciate. It was pretty hot then, and a small cold notwithstanding, I could keep up my medium pace the whole time.

I made a small navigational mistake, which resulted in, perhaps, a slightly shorter trail, and the discovery of the last few hundred meters of the KFMH3 trail. I got to the station and only the hare and another member were there. The run was quite nice, going through parks, passing a Greek Orthodox church (!) and through some temples and shrines, including the one where Peking Dog had his Shichi-Go-San, a rite-of-passage ceremony when children are 3, 5 and 7 years old. There were numerous hills, but after the Suma-Takarazuka trail, they seemed like anthills to me. By the end of the course, Dances with Sheep's GPS indicated a trail of about 6km. All in all, it was great day of jogging, looking forward to jogging back home in Canada next week! I don't know if I'll have time to run before leaving.

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