Jogging with Bob

Yesterday I went for a job with Kaz using our Bob Revolution jogging stroller. We've been jogging with it for about 4 months now, so time to do a little review. The model has changed a little since we bought ours, I imagine it only improved.

First of all, it's big! So for everyday promenades, especially ones going shopping or riding mass transport, it is not the most suited, although on not-so-crowded trains and large shops, it's much much of a hassle. Also, we've never brought us with us on any car trip, but if we did it would take a good amount of cargo space. On the other hand, it goes really smoothly on streets and relatively even paths, much more so than our other stroller. It has a pretty big cargo space under, a net at the back, but it lacks a bottle holder, a mosquito net and a full rain cover, which considering the price (thanks, bro) perhaps should be included.

As for jogging, Kaz seems to enjoy it quite a bit. The times he got fussy were when we were out for a long time (jogging or not), like when I jogged for charity from my place to (and then around) Osaka Castle Park. And he got fussy because he got bored or sleepy, not from lack of comfort I think. On our run yesterday, even if it was pretty cold, he fell asleep in it after 10 or 15 minutes, and only woke up when we got home and I talked with my father-in-law whom we met by chance. I never had the feeling that the balance was off and it could tip over.

I'm about 165cm (5'6") and although the handle bar is a little high for me, it does offer the advantage of keeping my hands high, which is supposed to be good. I've had to re-inflate the right wheel 2 or 3 times since getting it over a year ago (and I walked with Kaz before jogging with it), perhaps there is a very small puncture in the tire, but as it doesn't happen often, I suppose it could be unrelated.

Overall, I'm very happy with it, and so does Kaz it seems (he can't talk yet)! If I would have known, though, maybe I would have ordered a model that can be adapted to pull behind my bicycle (my friend has one), but that point notwithstanding, I have no real peeves with this product.

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