KFMH3 Run: Ikoma

Today I took my son out for a run with the KFMH3. The run was from Ikoma, and since I had the baby car, I elected to take the cable car up the mountain. I was joined by no name KT, who was joining her first hash run. I was glad she decided to shortcut with me since some of the downhill sections in trail would have been a bit harder to navigate without her. Actually, I should have invited Silver Grey to come with us too, as he got lost on trail, but with the help of some friendly drivers, he could hitchhike back home (and this gives me the occasion to meet him again tomorrow).

The trail was very nice and I was glad I had old faithful with me. At the top of the hill there was an amusement park and we didn't linger too long. Then we hit the trail and things were a little sketchy at times, but not as bad as you'd imagine. I was glad we didn't have to go up. After deviating a bit off course to avoid an incline, we got to a small village near the top, where the residents were very friendly. I dropped some coins in a box and scored some beans and homemade miso: I can't wait to try them! From then, the trail was all downhill and on road, and it was quite steep at times; I think my arms will come to haunt me tomorrow!

We eventually got back to civilization and after a few minutes of checking, we got on trail to the finish. It was a great day, and I hope you'll enjoy the snaps below!

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