Jogging Haiku 54: Summer Time Rolls

Cicadas and ducks
A summer cacophony,
Mi-mi-mi quack-quack.

(13km, with jogging stroller)

I went for a morning jog this morning with Kazuma. I wanted to test the distance of a trail I found for the KFMH3. If there are any hashers reading me, don't worry, the start won't be at my place, so the run will be much shorter! I wasn't planning on doing the whole course I did yesterday with my son by bicycle, but as my condition was good, I just kept on going. Actually, I could have gone on for a few more clicks easily, I think.

I wonder why I felt so good. I haven't run much recently, and with the rain, I haven't ridden my bicycle that much either. On top of that, I didn't eat anything before going, only drinking a few 100s ml of water. It certainly did feel good to be running again, though. And I think I found a pretty interested trail too. I'm thinking September might be a good time to exploit it.

Keep on jogging!

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