Jogging Haiku 59: Familiar Trails

Reflecting waters
Ducks gliding on the surface
By the golden Sun.

(7.5km, with warm up & cool down kilometer+ and two dashes)

Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm a little slow, but the computer hasn't been the thing on my mind during the holidays. Time with family has had the priority. But I did put in two runs since Jan. 1st:  the Kobe Ladies H3 1500th run (tough but great trails behind Shin Kobe station), and this morning's short outing. I want to keep up jogging since I'm toying with the idea of joining either a 36, 42 or 50km mountain race in April or May.

I thought this morning's outing would be more difficult, seeing as I went to an all-you-can-eat-and-drink Korean BBQ restaurant last night, and I had more than my fair share: if you really are what you eat, then mooooh! Returning to this morning's run, I slow jogged the first 1200m or so, then ran faster than MP (marathon pace) for about 5km, dashed across a bridge, then slow jogged until the end, except for a 50m dash to catch the green light.

I recombined parts of different trails, wanting to run in fun places. This meant a few ground trails along rivers and going through little roads and streets that I like. As with work, do something you like and you'll never have to work!

Well, off to eat some fugu with the in-laws. Have a great day!

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