Jogging Haiku 61: Lonely Noise

Quite solitary
Yet little peace and quiet,
Crying Cicadas.

(medium run past my favorite tree, with a few dashes up and down)

My pains haven't totally gone. Actually, it feels more like my Achilles tendons were hurt. I've basically completely stopped wearing 5 Fingers around town, save for some water park fun. I ran in them this morning and they felt fine.

I used to opportunity of a jet lag-induced early wake to go for an overdue run, before the summer's heat showed its ugly head. As always after a long absence, the start was a little rough, but once I was going, it felt great. Hopefully I can start running regularly again, I really miss it and I would love to break my record at the Sanjurokumine race next December.

That explains why my dashes, with the last one that had me gasping for air, were mostly done in sections that had ups and downs. I realize that if I want to shave some real time from my personal best I'll need to be faster in the inclines especially. Building powerful muscles is key in this.

Otherwise, thanks to my mom who bought a running book (en fran├žais); I haven't opened it yet, but I'm sure it's going to be a great read.

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