Not Hurting

I woke up this morning and my leg was still hurting a little. But I wanted to know if it would affect my jogging, and I'm glad to say that it didn't. I jogged a shortish course, about 6.5 km, one where I get to greet a centenarian rooted friend and go along a few rivers and canals. My legs felt fine, although my right knee felt a little strange at times and by the end of the course, a toe was rubbing wrongly in my sock, and it resulted in a small blister.

But truth be told, I was jogging in old socks that don't really fit anymore. You know I preach that the only equipment required for a jog is a pair of shoes, but I realized that maladjusted socks can be little pain as well. That being said, recent regular sport socks do just the trick, this particular pair was just a little too old. Otherwise, I was wearing cheap sport shorts from Uniqlo (a Japanese store similar to the Gap) and my t-shirt proudly bearing the Terminator Stout logo (scroll down).

It was pretty hot, and even if I had drunk some water before, thirst did hit me. Nearing the end, after smiling to an old man he gave some encouragement, to which I replied with a heartfelt 'gambarimasu' (Keep on going, I will do my best; really it's hard to translate as it is used in so many situations). But the good sounds of Lorena C and Goma da Didgeridoo kept me going until I reached the shrine near my home. All in all, a good morning jog, and I feel ready for my wedding anniversary date!

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