Rainy Season: So What?

Yesterday was the official start of the rainy season in the Kansai area. Apparently it was almost a week late, although it does not feel like it. I was originally supposed to go paragliding, but the bad weather predictions trumped that plan. Luckily for me, I had a good B plan, a *un with the KFMH3. The HHH runs through sunny, rainy, snowy and trembling conditions. Actually, I've been trying to start the FOKT H3 (Fanatical Osaka Kobe Typhoon H3) for some time, but 'good' weather has prevented me from doing so.

It was pretty rainy, and as the hares had laid trail with chalk alone in the morning, they had to accompany us on the trot to show us the way. At times a little bit of pink chalk was visible, and it would have been impossible to follow trail had they left us on our own. Starting from Kawaramachi in Kyoto, we followed the Kamo river for a few hundred meters, before heading east towards the hills. We jogged along the Heian shrine moat, before going through Nanzen temple, ran down a boulevard, turned left to a street passing some famous temples, before going through Yasaka shrine to the finish.

Anpanman*o led the way, at a faster pace in the beginning as what I'm used to for warming up. But knowing that the trail wouldn't be too long, it wasn't to hard for me to follow. All in all, it was a pretty course, similar to what I had hared a year ago but in the opposite direction. The trail out of Nanzen temple was quite different, though, and I will need to visit it again for some pictures in the future. I leave you with a shot I took from the train going to Kyoto.

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