Jogging Haiku 27: Revenge

Humid moonlit night
Got the best of me today,
Shoutengai retreat.

(7km, slow first 2/3, average last 1/3)

In my last post I was commenting on the hot dry weather with joy, already looking forward to the fall temperatures. Well, here in Osaka summer isn't finished and today the humidity was back with a vengeance. I was planning to take my regular 13k course back home from w*rk but not long after the 4k mark I realized that my condition (i.e. dehydrated after a very wet house-warming party with the KFMH3) would not allow me to run the whole way. Perhaps I could have pushed harder, but instead decided to shorten my route, going to a train station in between.

Doing so, I took some roads I'd never been on before (no big discoveries) and ran the last kilometer and a half or so in the Tenmabashi shoutengai, the typical Japanese covered shopping arcades. As the pavement there had been warmed by the sun during the day and some shops' air-conditioning was spilling outdoor, the temperature there was much nice and I felt much better, so I increased the tempo a little. It was fun at times dodging passerbys, girls promoting their bars, cyclists and (some heavily) inebriated people.

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