Jogging Haiku 31: Pasta Power

Off with a high pace
Adventure starts out the door,
Hash trail discovered.

(6km, strong pace)

I decided to go for a post-dinner run tonight, notwithstanding the fact that I cooked pasta gratin for dinner (very good, better than my first attempt). As I didn't want to waste any time since I'd be showering with my son and in the evening infant moods can swing wildly, I decided to go off at a good pace. I took a trail that I thought wouldn't be too long even if it was my first time doing it. Measuring on mapmyrun.com gave me about 6km, so I wasn't off the mark with my estimate. As I was running I figured that some strong pace training will help me on the Sanjurokumine trail in December, especially in the last few kilometers. The last hill starts off not very steep, and I figure that if I can jog it instead of walking it like the last two times, it could really make a difference in my time. I hope to get my personal best, 4:30:00 at the max (my previous best is 4:39:40 or something, although I did a few pictures both times).

And this trail, at 6k, should be perfect for a future KFMH3 trail. Hashers, be warned!

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