I'm really happy with this time. While CU did it in just over 3 hours and Jelly My Belly in 4:12, I cut off more than 20 minutes from my previous best time. My shoulder felt fine, but I had periodic spasms in my calves climbing up from about the 19th kilometer. Slimie Limie thought my body might have been compensating for my shoulder, while a friend of CU mentioned it might have been a sodium issue. I think I just took too easy in the last three weeks of training (it is recommended to slack off, maybe I over-slacked).

In any case, I'm very satisfied with my time, even if I secretly hoped to break the 4:15 barrier. I had some nice conversations along the course, saw a family (non runners) with a baby carrier bag I've been eyeing and they told me it was great, and I helped an older gentleman get up after a fall about a hundred meters from the finish. I couldn't ask for more.

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