Jogging Haiku 41: Last Training

Crisp, cool humid air
After the day's long showers,
My shoulder test passed.

I jogged my last run before the Sanjurokumine race. For those who didn't know, I dislocated my shoulder doing capoeira last Sunday. I needed to go for a last run to see how it would feel. The shoulder itself felt fine, but the brace, although tolerable on the 6-7k run I did, would turn very uncomfortable on a longer run, because of the edges. So I think I'll run without it.

Of course, due to this injury, my expectations are nil as far as time is concerned. Finishing might be all I can manage. And if I can reach my original goal of finishing in 4:30:00 or less, I'll be thrilled. As the Japanase like to say to encourage people: fight-o!

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