Jogging Haiku 42: First Post-Race Training

Busy diggers work
Lazy canines bark and walk,
Kazuma awake.

I went for a first run since last week's race. On top of wanting some exercise, I also wanted to check the condition of my body. Using the baby stroller did annoy my shoulder a little, but not to the point of hurting. My right knee ligaments and tendons (I think) were a little strained, but nothing so bad. In other words, no hard runs for me for a while, but gentle training like this morning seems fine. At a park I also tried some bico de papagaio and one-hand cartwheels using my healthy shoulder, and it was fine.

Kaz was pretty quiet the whole time, which surprised me a little. It was a little cold, and I made sure he was well covered, but I was a little concerned. When I had to stop at street lights, I checked his hands and they weren't cold, so I guess he was fine. Hopefully he'll continue to enjoy these outings.

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