Jogging Haiku 19: Can't Win'em All

Blue, yellow, red bricks
Laid in dizzying patterns,
8-bit memories.

(5km, did not finish my intended course)

Some days are harder than others, and last Thursday was one them (which explains why I was reticent to write about it). Looking back on it (something I did on tonight's jog, read the next post), I suppose I was just too tired; I hadn't slept enough that week and I had ridden my bicycle in the heat in the morning.

I felt pretty bad after the run, but now I think I still did pretty well. Actually, I didn't want to go jogging that night, tired as I felt, but I still managed to do so for 5k; certainly better than nothing. And having found the energy to go that far and then walk all the way to the train station (cheapest option, not the closest), well, I must have walked another 3k or so. We can't win every battle, but it wasn't a complete loss.

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