Jogging Haiku 22: Bikini Girls With Machine Guns

Unusually fast
Passing walkers, joggers and cyclists,
What's with the abs cramps?

(15km, at a good pace, except for the last 3km when the cramps hit me)

I don't know if it's the negi toro sushi I had for dinner, that I didn't have any candy at work, my new jogging shoes or all the unspent calories after yesterday's KFMH3 run, but I was running fast tonight. I felt really good, despite this morning's hangover. I jogged quite a bit yesterday (and forgot again about a haiku, sorry), doing about 7km pre-hash from a photo gallery in Ibaraki city to Takatsuki where Slimie Limie hared a shortish 5km trail. The heat was pretty bad yesterday, and perhaps this evening relatively low temps (maybe 28 degrees Celsius) explained my shape tonight. But it felt really good tonight and enjoyed the faster-than-usual pace.

But around the 12km mark (estimated) I developed a small abs pain on the right side. What cause is uncertain, but I did have a visit to the washroom after the run, which could explain it. It was a little disappointing to get it since I wanted to run further, but oh well,  I'll keep my energies for next time!

Speaking of toilets, I have a small photo exhibition starting tomorrow night at the Blarney Stone Shinsaibashi; drop by if you have the chance. All the pictures were taken inside toilets!

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