Day 15: You Don't Stop Running Because You Get Old...

... You get old because you stop running.

This is a quote from Born to Run, which I reviewed last month. I don't think I agree with it completely, but a fun run is certainly a way of staying young. Although for many the words 'fun' and 'run' couldn't possibly go together (and I used to belong to that group, and still do on some days!), once you start jogging regularly the effort isn't that bad and you can actually enjoy yourself.

I did just that this morning on a 6.9k jog along the Kanzaki river by jogging up and down the river dikes like a snowboarder in a halfpipe, treading on narrow brick ledge, sprinting up slopes, jumping over cement and from stairs, and so on. For a good part a group of joggers were following me, and although most probably thought I was crazy, I bet one or two thought: that looks like fun! On top of being fun, it also strengthens peripheral muscles which are used while trailrunning, so for me it doubles as training! Great!

Halfway through the month, I'm up to over 83km. I somewhat slowed down this week, partly because I didn't have a super long jog this week, also because my legs (especially around the ankles) are feeling a little weak. This challenge is a marathon, not a sprint, so I prefer finishing it and enjoying it, rather than overdoing it and not completing it. On I go!

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