Day 18: 'Barefoot' Running

Today I joined a 'barefoot' running clinic held by Vibram Five Fingers and Tokyu Hands. As I might have mentioned before, I was going to buy a pair a few weeks ago when I saw a poster about this clinic. I thought I could wait a few weeks to actually get the chance to try them on first. Sadly, quite a long time was spent resuming 'Born to Run', which is partly the cause for the increased interest in barefoot running (guilty as charged).

When we finally got up, the instructor proved to be very kind and attentive to the large group of people (25-30) who showed up for the event. We tried several exercises to give us an idea of how to change our style of running to the one prescribed for this type of exercise. All were excellent, building on top of the previous one, and I hope to remember them all when I give barefoot jogging another go. I also tried a little bit of capoeira with the shoes, and they felt much better than any other type of shoe I've had before.

So in other words, even if the event was in some ways one long plug for Five Fingers, they did prove their point: I understand the benefit of this type of jogging, the shoes will be useful when doing capoeira outside, and with the small coupon we received, it will make the deal even sweeter. I just hope the soles are long lasting because this kind of 'shoes' are the cheapest around (it's like a bikini I guess: the smaller, the more expensive)!

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