Jogging Haiku 44: First day

Hunting locations
For a new project of ours,
Just found baguette.

(3.3km, easy pace)

For the first day of my 30-day (well, 29; February is leaping this year) challenge of jogging every day, I went for a small jog around my neighborhood to a bakery my wife likes. Along the way I scouted locations and I took alleys I'd never been on before. My legs didn't feel so energetic, although it shouldn't be too surprising since I rode over 55km on my bicycle yesterday, including the last 14 in less than 40 minutes, including traffic slowdowns & stops. Mind you, that's not to much faster then the world-record marathon pace!

The day hadn't started so good though, as I ignored my early alarm clock to go for a quick jog. But the extra time did allow me to think of a reason to jogging, which made the outing all the more pleasant. The distance might have been short, but day one is no time to go all out and burn myself out. Tomorrow I'll go longer, jogging back from morning classes in Itami.

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