Jogging Haiku 50: Close Call

Out barefoot jogging
A patrol car cruises by,
Would've been funny.

I went for a sub-2k barefoot jog tonight. I packed my phone to get a phone number (no, it's not what you think), but forgot my wallet. Luckily I wore a tuque, concealing my gaijin-ness.

Officer: What are you doing?
Me: I'm jogging.
Officer: Where are your shoes?
Me: Haven't you heard of 'hadashi running'?
Officer: Can I see your passport or Alien Registration Card?
Me: Uhh, I forgot it at home. I live near; my wife and baby are asleep, please don't wake them up.

Luckily, they just cruised by and let me (us) be. I felt a lot safer running in the middle of the street than in the park or on the sidewalk; the surface was more even and past rains should have cleared the surfaces better.

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