Jogging Haiku 49: En français

D'un pas plutôt vif
Je me lance sur le chemin,
Jeudi occupé.

(11km, at a relatively intense pace)

For some reason today the haiku came to me in French. It basically goes like: With a rather brisk pace / I'm off on route / Busy Thursday. And busy it was. After my morning jog I wanted to spend some time with Kaz. But as fate was to have it, he hadn't returned from the clinic where he got vaccinated when I got back. I even had time to shower and eat lunch, and still no sign. Reluctantly I left home on my bicycle to go to my friend's home in Hanaten where I'd forgotten a toy before heading to my afternoon work. After work, I went down to Honmachi to meet my friend at his bar to discuss a little Mexican evening we're planning next week Saturday: I'll be cooking tacos and chili for the evening. So in three legs, I rode an additional 38k. So yeah, it was a busy Thursday!

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