Jogging Haiku 48: Red Lights, Grey Morning

A few ohayos
But mostly deserted paths,
Grey Monday morning.

(9.7k at my regular pace)

I did manage to go out this morning for a longish run, although it took me a good 55 minutes after my alarm before I actually got out of bed (might have fallen back asleep). Rain is predicted later today, which explains why I wanted to go out in the morning. The covered skies meant it wasn't so cold, which is always welcomed in the winter. I took a modified course that I used to go on often when training for the Sasayama marathon and Trailwalker a number of years ago.

All was well and swell until I hit a red light near the end. When I started jogging again my achilles tendon flared up a little, and did so again when I hit another red light. I guess it had time to cool down in those small breaks, and that was enough for the flare up.

Anyways, here's the song that inspired the title of this blog.

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